Hair PSA: About those bangs…

…You’ve got to make them your bitch.


Here I am at the grocery store taking a photo of my bangs, because that is a totally normal thing to do.

Seriously, girls (and boys, if that’s your style), if you want bangin’ bangs, you’ve got to show them who’s boss the moment you’re out of the shower. I’m not joking. Step out of the shower, wrap yourself in a towel or royal purple fleece robe (okay, so that’s just me), grab your brush and a blowdryer. And blow.

And while it’s my personal opinion that should you rock bangs, they be a bit messy and relaxed, regardless the shape of them, you must take control of the situation before they take control of you. And your head. So. Dry your bangs as you wish. Use heat. Once done, hold them in their desired shape and blast ’em with some cold air to settle the style. Now you are free to carry on with your morning routine; perhaps put on some pants. And then return to your hair.

This has been a hair PSA.


2 thoughts on “Hair PSA: About those bangs…

  1. You are awesome! Thanks for rocking the bangs and showing us all how to do it.

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